Notarization and Authentication


  • Notarization of documents is a fraud-deterrent process that ensures the document is authentic and can be trusted.
  • The notary public ensures that the signature is genuine and authentic.
  • You may be required to notarize various like insurance and loss declarations, certified true copies, authentic and execution of international documents, sponsorship invitation letter, authorization of minor travel, documentation related to the passport application, proof of identity, land transparency reports, and many more.

Authentication of documents:

  • The Society of Notaries Public BC and the government of BC certify the authenticity of the documents, i.e. public seal and signature are licensed.
  • For international purposes, your documentation must have a notary’s seal and verified signature by the government and society of Notaries public of BC or the CGDFAT (Canadian government’s department of foreign affairs and trade).
  • Parminder Makkar Notary Corporation can help you in this regard; we ensure smooth and convenient processing.

Certified true copies:

These are copies of a notarized document that a notary public certified its accuracy representation as of original. We will compare both documents (original and copy) and then we will sign and stamp considering them as certified true copies.

These can be recommended options if you are in favor to marked up your original documents. However, certified true copies are also beneficial to keep safe your original documents as not all foreign authorities and diplomatic missions accept certified true copies.

Certified true copies
Affidavit and Statuary declarations

Affidavit and STATUTORY declarations

An affidavit is a written document made of facts either voluntarily decided upon or made under oath. This written document of facts made under oath by the “deponent” is sworn and solemnly to be true. In the context of court proceedings, usually, this document would be made.

Statutory Declaration:  When a person solemnly declares the contents of a document are true. This is a written document and has the same legal effect as an oath in the eyes of the court. Statutory declarations are mandated by the Canada Evidence act and British Columbia Evidence Act.

Statutory Declarations
Affidavits are sworn written statements
Statutory declarations are written Statements of facts.

Signed in front of a notary public or commissioner of oaths.

Signed in front of an attorney or advocate.


Used in the court proceeding

Used outside the courtroom