Wills and Estate planning

Protect your wealth” Estate planning is one way that could plan the distribution of your belongings according to your wishes after you. Parminder Makkar Notary Corporation offers complete will and estate planning preparation services. Choose us for Will and Estate planning notary service Surrey BC for high satisfaction and peace of mind.
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Wills and Power of attorney are some crucial documents to manage the wealth that you accumulate with hard work.

Last Will and Testament:


Will not only help heir but also provide you the peace of mind that your assets and property shall go as per your wishes at the right time.

Parminder Makkar Notary Corporation helps you to assemble and draft all legal documents that ensure your wishes are carried out after you. Contact us for qualified advice and guidance from our experienced team. We give you peace of mind by stating clear wishes.


Often we are not prepared for unfortunate circumstances that can make us unable to deal with financial affairs. Here, Power of attorney can be your saver for managing your wealth in Delta, Surrey, Langley, BC. Power of attorney is the legal document that gives authority to an appointed person to make decisions regarding wealth.

The appointed person is usually called an “attorney”. The attorney has complete access to manage the daily banking activities, sign the cheques and other documents on your behalf, sell the real estate on your behalf, borrow money on your behalf, and also take all responsibilities listed in the document.

Power of attorney:


Yes, we can appoint more than one attorney. You have two options to appoint the person either “jointly” or “jointly and severally”.